Kentucky Archaeology Month Day 30 – Thank You!

Nicolas R. Laracuente, Kentucky Heritage Council


Today the first 30 Days of Kentucky Archaeology ends.

Thank you to Aaron Deter-Wolf and the others in Tennessee who provided the inspiration for this project.

Thank you to the authors who contributed their time to write post(s) that illustrate the breadth of archaeology within the Commonwealth.

Perhaps the biggest thanks is owed to Howard Beverly (the man behind the curtain) who posted each blog on the KYOPA website and has had to address bandwidth issues as this project broke the website (TWICE!). Over the course of the month thousands of people read about Kentucky Archaeology.

I hope that it continues to generate conversations. If you have questions about archaeology in Kentucky reach out to me,, and I can put you in touch with whichever archaeologists specializes in the areas that interest you.

Thank you to KAM’s organizers (especially Christy Pritchard!) and to Governor Bevin who officially proclaimed September 2016 as Archaeology Month.

Start thinking of blogs for next year, we’ll see everyone for a second installment of 30 Days of Kentucky Archaeology in 2017!