Research Grants

The Archaeological Research Grant Committee, which is composed of the current members of the Board of Directors, is tasked with reviewing proposals and awarding small grants to full and associate members of KyOPA. Grants can be awarded for radiocarbon dates and other analytical procedures that may expand our knowledge of Kentucky archaeology. The amount and numbers of grants awarded are based on the funds available, the merit of each application, and the number of applications.

KyOPA will accept research proposals for the purpose of obtaining radiocarbon dates or other analytical techniques that require contract services with a private laboratory or research institution. Other analytical services, for example, could include thermoluminescence dating, thin-sectioning, scanning electron microscopy, and trace element analysis. Submission of proposals is open-ended and awards will be made up to $500 on an annual basis. Proposals should concisely describe the research question, and a cost estimate on the analytical procedure. The KyOPA research grant program is intended for students and others conducting independent research that contributes to a theses, dissertation, or other publishable manuscripts.

Submit proposals to Anne Bader (Corn Island Arcaheology, 10320 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40299 (502) 890-6795; for review by the KyOPA Board of Directors. It is highly recommended that you contact Anne Bader prior to submitting a full proposal to discuss the suitability of the proposed research to the KyOPA grant program.